Friday, January 9, 2009

Our New Year

Well for our new years eve we just stayed in, I guess were getting old but staying in and watching movies and just vegging out seemed like just the ticket this year. I made red chile (the kind from New Mexico not gringo chili), it was really yummy. Nothing exiting, I fell asleep with Mocha and Justin woke us up at midnight for a kiss, with me not Mocha. We greeted the new year with high hopes. This year I will graduate from PA school, this year we will try to get pregnant (later this year), this year will be a good year. My new years resolution is to get as healthy as I can since I will be hopefully getting pregnant. Justin's new years resolution was to be safer, on the road and at work. Apparently he likes to be electrocuted, not a good idea. He also wants to get healthy. Hope all of your new years start out well!!

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